NEMT is AHDI's 2012 Employer of the Year!

We attract the very best U.S.-based transcriptionists and we work hard to make sure they are successful and satisfied.

Our managers, president and CEO are all experienced MTs who understand the unique challenges and rewards of transcribing. They know it’s the MTs who make the company and they’re committed to making sure our MTs remain the most successful in the industry.

Find out why AHDI named NEMT the 2012 Employer of the Year.



The NEMT-AHDI externship program

With help from AHDI, NEMT has developed the industry's first collaborative externship program for transcription students.

Read the AHDI white paper on our externship model to find out more.

We offer: At NEMT you will:
  • Competitive line rates
  • Flexible scheduling
  • A warm, friendly support staff who are ready to help you excel


We regularly post openings on

Email your resume to us at or call 800-639-3244.

  • Be paid on time weekly by check or direct deposit
  • Work from home
  • Help create your own schedule to fit your lifestyle
  • Have round-the-clock access to colleagues and support staff via phone, email and internal instant messenger
  • Feel included and supported as part of a close-knit clinical documentation team


NEMT also offers one of the industry’s most advanced orientation programs to provide you with:

  • One-on-one support as you get started
  • Extra help along the way any time you need assistance
  • Additional “accuracy pay” each time you meet your quarterly accuracy goal


I've never worked for a company that gave me a bonus just for doing my job correctly!

– Marti, MT

I love working part time in the coziness of our home, being here when the kids get on and off the bus, and the increased amount of time I get to spend with my husband and family. All of this means I can enjoy my life more. Plus NEMT has a warm, friendly atmosphere.

– Lisa, Editor

I feel secure that my position with NEMT will not be outsourced to another country. I enjoy having flexibility in my schedule and working as part of a team.

– Jennifer, Mentor