NEMT guarantees accuracy and turnaround time. While many of our competitors offer comparable guarantees for one or the other, only NEMT offers the industry’s best guarantee for both.

2016 turnaround time:


2016 accuracy:


Linda Sullivan

I personally guarantee NEMT will give you the turnaround time and accuracy rate you need to be successful.

- Linda Sullivan, CEO

Accuracy guarantee

NEMT audits each account quarterly and guarantees its results.

Our quality guarantee requires that every one of our tested files achieve an accuracy score of 98 percent, as determined by a documented auditing review process. Clients will be credited in full for any audited report that did not meet our guaranteed accuracy standards.

In addition, we provide each client with the auditing guidelines and scoring mechanisms in order to maintain total transparency and confidence in the process.

  • NEMT meets our accuracy guarantee using a combination of client-specific and transcriptionist-specific audits and a whole-company approach to quality assurance
  • NEMT conducts more than 1,100 accuracy audits each year.
  • Each report meets our rigorous standards for technical accuracy, formatting, style and account specifics.
  • NEMT guarantees an accuracy rate of 98% or better
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Turnaround time guarantee

If more than 2 percent of reports fall below the deadline specified for their worktype, NEMT will credit the client for the full cost of the affected reports. NEMT monitors the turnaround time on every single report flowing through our system.

  • NEMT’s signature whole-company approach to turnaround time follows a documented workflow management process
  • Our turnaround time guarantee provides assurance that each and every report will be completed and ready before it is needed
  • Every single report is monitored for turnaround time, 24/7/365
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