2016 turnaround time:


2016 accuracy:


Transcription team

  • Our team of medical transcriptionists is available 24/7/365.
  • We use 100% U.S. -based transcriptionists.
  • The average experience of our MTs is 20.2 years.
  • The average experience of our editors, formatters and mentors is 22.5 years.
  • Our MTs are audited quarterly to ensure every report, every account and every transcriptionist meets our 98-percent money-back guarantee for accuracy.
  • Our team is entirely U.S.-based;  NEMT never off-shores your patient reports or healthcare data to other countries.

Turnaround time and quality

  • NEMT guarantees 98% accuracy AND turnaround time
  • Every NEMT medical transcriptionist is audited quarterly for accuracy.
  • NEMT conducts more than 1,100 accuracy audits each year.
  • Our medical transcriptionists are required to score higher than 98% on every audit.
  • NEMT medical transcriptionists are educated and tested to NEMT accuracy standards before working with clients.
  • Every client has access to their account information to monitor workflow on a real-time basis.

Delivery options

Administrators and individual physicians can choose their own preferences for delivery via:

  • Web portal
  • Print
  • Autofax


Automatic feed

For clinics and physician practices, NEMT offers a unique interface that allows administrators to bypass much of their accustomed paperwork.

Our IT specialists can write a custom interface that will import your admission data (ADT) into a database used by our MTs.

Our ADT interface:

  • Is offered at no extra charge
  • Eliminates the need to fax day sheets
  • Increases staff productivity and patient safety